A Memo from the Complaints Department Has Clogged the Pneumatic Tubes…Again.

I currently sit, well-fed, warm, and comfortable in a room at my father’s house – on Summer break, no less – so it seems rather remarkable that I should have anything to complain about and yet I do, albeit one that I have technically brought upon myself. In a violent fit of naïveté this past Spring, I arrived at the rather bizarre conclusion that signing up for sixteen units – eight of which being graduate coursework and four of which being honors units – while also having to fill out graduate school applications and study for the GREs, was somehow a fabulous idea.

Having found myself thoroughly entrenched in applications and a measure theory homework assignment that is likely to amass as many as thirty pages a full eleven days prior to the start of Fall quarter, I’m beginning to second guess the wisdom of my decisions.

In reflection upon the title of this post: I have concluded that it is mandatory that my future home have a system of pneumatic tubes…yes.


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